The group has built many automated high-tech production lines and brand of peptide town. It has formed more than 3,000 mu recently. It integrates cultural tourism, leisure sightseeing, high-tech experience and many other projects. The industrial base has won the certification of ISO 9001 quality management system and HACCP food safety management system. The company carries out advanced industrial deployment, seizes the commanding heights of the large health industry, gives full play to the advantages of the overall ecological agriculture, and relies on the development of green ecological resources and the intensive processing of characteristic agriculture to build a green health food base. The enterprise has become a comprehensive industrial park integrating product research and development, scale manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, marketing training, tourism, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Looking forward to the future, the advancing technology of proto-peptides will keep up with the new, steady and far-reaching. While doing well in the construction of animal and plant cultivation base, it will continue to develop in depth in the direction of ecological tourism, healthy old-age care, living and health preservation, and popular science tourism. The commercial value space is very huge, and the prospects of social and economic benefits are very broad.
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